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MetaTree - Filter based on parent and parent's parent


MetaTree - Filter based on parent and parent's parent



I'm trying to build a metatree that looks like this in "Mega" terms






Is there a way to make the Project list exclusive to the Org-Unit selected as "grand-parent". In the queries, I'm able to refer to the parent using the &name parameter.


Select [Project] Where [Achieved Objective] = &"name"


The problem is that I get all projects related to the objective, whatever the parent org-unit. I would like to filter the Org-Unit as well so that the list would represent only the projects of the Org-Unit for the selected objective. 


If an objective is shared between 2 org-units, I would like to get the following: 

Org-Unit A

        Objective A

               Project A

Org-Unit  B

        Objective A

               Project B


I don't want to "hardcode" the Org-Unit because there are many and names may change over time. 


Any way you think of doing this?



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