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Mega Sanity Testing Automation

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Mega Sanity Testing Automation

Hi Community,

Does any one has Idea about automating the sanity tests in Mega.  Do we have some specific tools to check if everything is working fine for every profile (like object creation, diagram creation, number of objects visible etc..).


Thanks in advance.



Colruyt Team
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Re: Mega Sanity Testing Automation

Hi all,


I have the same question, can we perform (with a MEGA tool or a standard other tool) automated tests in MEGA in order to ensure that :

- The customizations made by the local administration team are not disturbing standard behaviour

- The deployement of a CP or Release is not interfering with the customizations



Thank you.

Thomas WAGNER.

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Re: Mega Sanity Testing Automation

As HOPEX offers a wide range of GUIs, metamodel objets, customization capabilities, this is a vast project.
I let community users share their experiences


A few indications:
MEGA does not provide dedicated tools or toolkit.
HOPEX API script can help build custom tools or script run by standard testing tool.

To avoid conflict with customization it is important to follow best practices.
The n°1 best practise it to avoid updating a standard object, especially a profile.
An upgrade simulation tool can help detect conflicts with customization. See KB 00005120