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Mega Data Extractor

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Mega Data Extractor

Hello,  We would require your assistance on ODBC Data extractor ,did the setup on ODAC Data sources , the connection is sucessful on the server , But We couldnt connect the same Data source on Mega Extractor. 


We think something missed on the configuration //:-) Connected driver is ODAC client driver 12 , 


save.PNGData extractor 

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Re: Mega Data Extractor

Hello Arunas


Difficult to tell what is going on from this generic message.

Maybe this is because the datasource is mapped to a 64 bit ODBC driver. So far HOPEX supports only 32 bit ODBC drivers. 

See the FAQ section of the following KB to use a 32 bit ODBC driver on a 64 bit machine



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Re: Mega Data Extractor

Ah ! We installed 64 bit ODBC , That could be the reason , ok! Let us try to install 32 bit ODBC driver .

Apprciated for your assisitance .

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Re: Mega Data Extractor

Hello Mr.Jerome , It works .

Cheers !