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Mega Crash - Saving image on network folder

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Mega Crash - Saving image on network folder

Hi Community,

Mega tool is shutting down abnormally while saving the digram image in network folder.

We have a shared network drive (Lets say Mydrive), If I try to save diagram in Mydrive (not in subfolders) it is working fine.

If I try to save the same image in nested folders (lets say 6th level), the tool is shutting down.

I dont see any error log in log file.


Can any one tell me what would be the reason behind this. or any one guiode me where I can see tool crash log in installation folder (or something like that).



Thanks in advance.

Colruyt Team
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Re: Mega Crash - Saving image on network folder

Hello Colruyt team


This not a known issue for Technical Support.


If the issue persist and if you cannot avoid to save the image on this folder, please open a case so that we can perform further investigations.

It will be necesary to specify

  • The operating system of the machine running HOPEX
  • The full folder path
  • The symptoms of the error (screen error, log...)