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Mega-CMDB Import and Export

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Mega-CMDB Import and Export

Hi Community.


Our company has been using Mega, mainly Process BPMN and Architecture for three years.

We are using the SAP SolMan integration as well, making us able to design processes and use of SAP IT-services/Transactions in Mega.


Operations are planning to invest in a new CMDB-product.

I have seen that it is possible to import CI's from CMDB and map them to Artifacts (and perhaps Applications?)


This is an area where I am not very skilled, but I ask anyway:

Has anyone exported "things" from Mega and imported them to a CMDB?

What I hope could be possible, is to enable a two-way integration between Mega and CMDB. Almost the same way as between Mega and SAP SolMan.

Thus making us able to design in Mega (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and export/deploy it into CMDB.


Best Regards

Rune H

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