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Master Plan export to Ms Project

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Master Plan export to Ms Project



Is there any way that I export a master plan to Ms Project? 

If not, how can I have a good looking image export into RTF document? Because when I export a report including a master plan, the master plan doesnt look like the same in MEGA. (or I'm missing something)

The best image is produced if I save as image, but its not so practical to do every time.


Thank you in advance



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Re: Master Plan export to Ms Project

Hello mkaraca


MS Project export.

The only export feature to MS Project is for a project.

There is not such export for a master plan.


Document master plan in document templates

MEGA does not provide a RTF formatter to document easily a master plan in a Word document template.

Note that you can call a RTF macro in a RTF descriptor. If you can generate RTF code that returns the expected display, you can insert it in the RTF report generated by the RTF descriptor and therefore in the Word document.

See Implement a RTF formatter with a macro (RTFGenerate)