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Mass change of application owners


Mass change of application owners

We have a requirement to change 100's of application with application owner relationships. What is the best way to disconnect on mass current applications from their owners and assign them new applications. In our estate we have over 2000 applications and some owers at a senior level with over 100 applications they are classified as application owners of. We only have a Hopex hosted web front end and no windows Hopex interface. Any ideas?

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Re: Mass change of application owners

Mass changes can be made by duplicating or transfering responsibilities between people within the Hopex Admistrator interface. Mass deletes can aslo be made through the admistrator tool. However new mass loads are still a problem to work on.

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Re: Mass change of application owners

I think the best way with these one-time scenarios is to write a vbscript and run it through vbscript editor in order to do the transfer


Re: Mass change of application owners

Hi mostafafad thanks for the reply. We have not been able to use vbscript editor as we only have the hopex cloud solution and no windows access. 

I have been able to do some mass changes using excel import sheet as

ApplicationApplication CodeShort NameITPM - Excel Application Application Owner

But it is a bit disconcerting that it works without an absolute id from the person that is being assigned and it removes access from the person that was an application owner. I need to do some more testing where there are multiple existing application owners and where there are multiple applications owners with the same name.. But for now my immediate requirement seems to be satisfied. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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Re: Mass change of application owners

You may also try using this Excel template.


Responsibility AssignmentShort NameBusiness RoleAssigned ObjectAssigned Person
 [Person]-Local Application Owner-[Application]Local Application Owner[eg. Application Shortname][Person]


Let me know.