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Mananging SQL volume with an RDBMS deployment


Mananging SQL volume with an RDBMS deployment

After a MEGA + Advisor RDBMS deployment, the disk dedicated to the SQL motor fills quickly. It has only been a couple of months and the volume is full (25 GB) despite de fact that little modelling has been done. (The database contains few objects.) Data is saved on a SAN disk.

Data purge scripts of temporary and archived objects have been executed on the MEGA SQL repositories, but the database log volume continues to increase.

Do you have suggestions to limit this phenomenon?

Is it due to the absense of log purges in the SQL databases? Is it correct to assume that transaction logs are purged once the transaction is abandoned or dispatched?

If I consolidate in the log management interface in the MEGA Administation tool, does this consolidate in the SQL database or are there additional steps to clean up the SQL database in that regard?

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Re: Mananging SQL volume with an RDBMS deployment

Hello Leslie,

Are  Stored procedures  have been run from the beginning of the existence of the database?


For information :


If not that mean your storage space has increase and represent 25GB PHYSICALLY" now.

But this doesn't mean LOGICALLY you have 25GB of Data.


There is a functionnality on SQL Server called "shrink database" or autoshrink"

For example see KB :


You can also search on the web "shrink database SQL server"


See you.