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Macro attached to a custom MetaAttribute on a prop page not executing


Macro attached to a custom MetaAttribute on a prop page not executing

I have a custom metaattribute that I have associated a macro.  My understanding is that the macro would execute every time you open that prop page and made any change and hit the "OK" or "Apply" button.  It wouldn’t auto refresh the UI so you would not see the change until you saved or refreshed or dispatched.  This was the behavior I was seeing in the WebUI in CP2.  We recently updated to CP4 and I am no longer seeing this behavior.  The ONLY way I can get the macro to execute now is to hit the "refresh arrow" in the property page of the object.  Hitting OK, Apply, Save, Dispath, or hitting the refresh button from the application list no longer seems to work.


  1. I want to understand how and when macros attached to metaattributes are execute in the WebUI and how this is different from the thick client
  2. Based on #1, I want to understand if a bug was introduced in CP3/CP4 or if this is possibly a functionality change.
  3. Based on #2, I need to figure out how to get this macro to execute all the time in the WebUI whether it is a bug or functionality change.

I have attached an image of the different refresh buttons to make sure it is clear what works.  I believe that all of these used to work and now don't.  Any insight would be appreciated.

 macro problem.png