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MEGA and Ipad

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MEGA and Ipad

Good Morning,


We have try Mega web site on Ipad. It’s work, but some modifications need to be applied for bests results.


Can you tell me if MEGA have some projects to deploy and to use the application, the web site, Advisor, Anywhere etc. with Ipad or another tablet?


Thank you

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Re: MEGA and Ipad



I don't know the futur projects of Mega for mobile devices, but websites and maybe advisor can currently be modified for supporting them.

Take a look for exemple on the "Bootstrap" initiative from Twitter which can help you to create a flexible and standard user interface :

Twitter Bootstrap

Best regards,

Re: MEGA and Ipad

I think that Mega will be forced one day to integrate the mobile dovice in its strategy.   Mega must be able to offer a feature to validate a Workflow step by smartphone. it is a simple exemple

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Re: MEGA and Ipad

MEGA applications and MEGA Anywhere are still sophisticated applications, with a lot of interactions, and are difficult to use or imagine usage on mobile devices.

For web based browsing however, it makes much more sense, and the new Advisor 2012 Template released July 31st 2012 with MEGA Suite Release 7 will remove all non web artifacts (right-clics, non functionnal back button,...) from its standard interface. It should be much more useable on Ipad than the previous versions, even if it is not a dedicated mobile version of the product.

We may expect our new solutions (APM, Audit, ERM,...) to impact much more users, generating some requests about mobile browsing. We integrate this in our long term roadmap, even if it is not a high level priority.



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Re: MEGA and Ipad

Thanx for this informations.

But i try Advisor with Ipad today and it doesn't work properly (not possible to see the information of an object in the right part of the window).

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Re: MEGA and Ipad

Once again, Ipad and more generally tablets are not short term targets for devices supported by Mega.

If I already stated that Advisor Template 2012 released with MEGA 2009 R7 should behave better, it is still not an official support of these environments for he product.

Thank you for your contribution anyway,

MEGA Partner

Re: MEGA and Ipad

Hi Plazare,


As we are using Mega's Enterprise Portal for creating static websites for our customers, we  are facing the following challenges:

  • creating single webpages without using Frame as it is depredicated in HTML5.
  • adapting the Mobile-First approach i.e. making websites viewable on smart phones and tablets with proper displays.

We have been thinking about using Bootstrap and grid layout but have no idea if it is possible or not. I have searched in the community and found this post but noticed that your answer was in 2012. I would highly appreciated if you have any updates to share with us regarding this.


Many thanks.

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Re: MEGA and Ipad

Hi HangPo,


If you are generating a static website, I would expect that HOPEX V2 has a nice feature available to achieve what you mention. It comes with a kind of reporting database solution which can be used to generate website from. This would mean that you have all the features available from modern technology and don't need to use iframes and I would suspect that you can also make use than of bringing the content to other platforms as iphones, tablets etc.





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Re: MEGA and Ipad

I agree with Stijn. The new HOPEX datamart in V2 gives you the opportunity to extract the data from your HOPEX environment, and add a dedicated reporting application (like tableau, cliqview, etc.) to create targeted vizualizations. We've found that clear, targeted reports resonate better with stakeholders than diagrams or property pages.


I think part of the problem of a mobile platform for HOPEX is deciding what functionality is appropriate for the platform, and how to get the most relevant information into the best format for the size of the screen.