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MEGA Integration with RRC and RTC

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MEGA Integration with RRC and RTC



Have you had an integration project between MEGA and RRC (Rational Requirements Composer) and RTC (Rational Team Concert)?

We want to integrate BPMN drawings, projects, tasks etc. 

We receive such questions from different customers.

Can you explain how you solved the integration if you had such a project?

Or guide us what could be the solution?


Thank you

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Re: MEGA Integration with RRC and RTC

Hello mkaraca


Integration with RRC and RTC is not a standard feature of MEGA EA platform.


However MEGA EA is an open platform with a metamodel definition and advanced development capabilities for import and export. If the Rational plaform offers APIs for import/export, a specific integration can be studied.

As far as I know, we have not led such an integration project yet.