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MEGA HOPEX V1R2CP3 Login Issue

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MEGA HOPEX V1R2CP3 Login Issue

From last 4-5 months we have Login issues with MEGA HOPEX V1R2CP3.


We have already opened tickes but support desk have not been able to resolve it. There is a performance issue also and ahve a seperate ticket for that. 80% of the time users can not login and get "Session Timeout" within MEGA. So, the problem is so critical that we are not even able to use MEGA for many of the activity. Frustration is all over. I'm not sure, why even pay for Support. It's time management can make some deciion over this product.


Now, we are to a point  where people have started questing the credibility of MEGA and the Architecture Modeling tool. Account Manager assigned to our Account doesn't care much about our problem.


I wanted to see  if any of you have similar Login issue  and experience with MEGA Support.

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Re: MEGA HOPEX V1R2CP3 Login Issue

Hi Mukesh,


The CP3 is good and really enhance the performance. Even though I have experienced some performance issues in previous versions of Hopex, I have to say that from CP3, I have been pretty happy.


How did you deploy the Web Front End? Do you have 2 servers: one Web App and one DB Server?

What are the OS, SQL Server version...? How about the connection between DB and App server?


Also, I have to back the Mega support for their tremendous work and quick turn around. 


Happy to help if i can.



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Re: MEGA HOPEX V1R2CP3 Login Issue

Hi Mukesh,

We did have some login issues with respect to V1R2CP2.  However, they were a time out.  We have seen no login issues with CP3.


In what access mode are you receiving these messages?  Think client, web client?


The MEGA support team was very good and were able to look at the MEGA logs to determine where our problem existed.  We had a strange one where the license cache needed to be cleared because we hit our license limit as we were transferring users from MEGA native logins to Active Directory.