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MEGA Database Structure


MEGA Database Structure

Dear Community,


I need help in undestanding the Database structure of MEGA.


I am trying to do some kind of live integration between MEGA and anothe system, by directly pushing data from MEGA DB to that system DB.


In anyway, I'm trying to understand the structure, any help would be great 🙂


Thank you,

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Re: MEGA Database Structure

Hello mostafafad 


If I understand, you want to understand the internal structure of HOPEX data to build additional tools (ETL...)


Here is the MEGA policy

The reference is the MEGA metamodel definition available from the HOPEX Solutions/Products.

This metamodel definition (ex: MetaClass, MetaAttribute, MetaAssociation...) is available though specific tool (metamodel diagram, explorer, queries, API functions...)

The data structure is not published for the SQL level (documentation, tools, algorythm...).


More details here