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MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE


MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE

Dear Community Memebers,


I am trying to show everything on the web-front end in Arabic Language including Navigation Trees, Desktop Names, MetaPropertyPages, MetaAttributes, Commands, ...


I was able to show my custom Property Pages in Arabic only if I rename it in the enligh and arabic context in Arabic Characters, including the GUI name.


Did anybody try to have this kind of changes ?

Please Advise.


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Re: MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE

Hello mostafafad 


It is imporant to understand there there are to different categories if items displayed

  • Items related to data language
  • Items related to GUI language

Items related to data can be translated provided the MetaClass is set a translatable.

It will be necessary to import the additional language 'Arabic' to the systemdb

They will be displayed when the data language is switched to arabic.


For items related to GUI, this different.

The list of GUI languages is controlled by MEGA.

The list is mainly English, Italian, German, French. Arabic is not part of the list of GUI languages.

It is not possible to manage an additional GUI language by customization.

For items related to GUI, it may be possible to set a value for the arabic languages (name,_GUIName)

However, in most cases this name will not be displayed in Arabic because it is not an official GUI languages.


How can you know if an item is related to data language? 

A basic indication can be to check the location of the MetaClass: if this location is data, you can assume that this item is related to data language:

Ex: org-unit, application, diagram...


Attention: Do NOT change the location of a standard MetaClass



Note also that additional configuration can be required to display strings of language such as arabic in Windows Front-end




Re: MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE

It is not recommended at all to hijack a GUI Language such as English

Example: It the MetaTree ~ulSYFlOK1XB0[Objects] has a _GUIName 'Main Objects' in English

Replacing this value with an arabic value would be hijacking


This would alter standard delivery in the systemdb: mix of English and Arabic strings.

MEGA cannot garantee a stable behavior if you go in this direction.


More generally, do not under estimate the effort to translate the GUI. It is huge.

  • Some translatable string are located in the systemdb.
  • Other translatable string are located in multiple code (C++, javascript) and you cannot access them.

Above all, the translatable strings are in permanent change. Even if it was possible to access all translatable strings without dedicated tools, it would be a huge cost to translate the changes at each update (CP upgrade, version upgrade).


Re: MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE

Dear Jerome,


Thank you for your reply.


I have every thing configured for Arabic in terms of Language installation, the needed changes needed by the PC for proper visualization of the language.

Also the content is working fine in terms of switching between Arabic and English.


So just to clarify, if we go with changing the GUI in the arabic context only of a new or customized System Object (Metaclass, Metatree, MetaAttribute, etc...). Should It reflect on the Web Front End ? Windows Front End?


Re: MEGA Arabic and English System Objects - WFE


On a technically level, if a string related to an existing GUI Language (ex: English, or French) is updated, the new string should be displayed in both Windows and Web Front-End.


Notes for Web Front-End and multiple languages


1) There is a different option to selec the GUI Language (group 'Web Application', 'GUI language')


2) For the application servers involved in the HOPEX installation:

  • Install the system in the English language
  • Install the language pack of each data language to be managed
  • Install the Internet Explorer 11 language pack of each data language to be managed
  • Keep system parameter 'Current Language for Non Unicode programs' English
    Do NOT change it to the target language to display (ex: Arabic)


3) Useful fixes are available HOPEX V1R2-VR3 CP13.0