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MEGA Advisor-new web site

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MEGA Advisor-new web site

Hi Sir,
Good Day Sir, currently we are trying to create a new website for MEGA Advisor to work. attached here are the screen shots of what we did and the error message that we dont know how to fix. we hope that you could help us with this.
Thank You so much.
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Re: MEGA Advisor-new web site

For the first error try to find more information about it.


Look in the log, try to find from which descriptor is coming the error, try to see if some of the values in the method call for some reason is not set.


The ACL error is ISS error not Mega.


403 is permission denied which  basically means that the ISS server doesn't have the right permissions set.


Re: MEGA Advisor-new web site



The purpose of the dynamic websites is to avoid the generation of static files and make possible the display of the updated of data on the web site when it's changed both with thin and thick clients.


In other words, you cannot proceed with this manner to generate your Advisor web site. So, to fix that problem, you will need to apply the following actions:


1- Make sure that the user you are connecting with has both Advisor and Publisher (web) products.

2- Make sure on the user options you have an "expert" level on the MetaModel and authorized to change MEGA data

3- Make sure the user you are connecting with has the highest confidentiality level.


Once these conditions are fulfilled:


  • Launch the Administration.exe console and log on with "Administrator"
  • Right click on the user ( the one you are connecting with to MEGA) > explore
  • Right click on the folder 'Advisor roles) > connect all the roles
  • connect to MEGA with your login > Utilitites tab > Web site Templates > right click on Mega Advisor > Mega Advisor web sites generator