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MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8


MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8

We are validating "Windows 8" as a new platforms for a deployment mid 2013. So I tried MEGA 2009 CP8 on Windows 8.

So far, it works fine, But I get an alert to inform that is not a supported OS.


Question :
- When will be release a Windows 8 's supported version of MEGA ?
- Do you have some feedback from others user regarding issues/testing with Windows 8



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Re: MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8



I have been using MEGA 2009 Sp5 CP8 on windows 8 for some time now. I also get the warning in the beginning, but otherwise I have no problems with MEGA undet Windows 8


Re: MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8



Windows 8 is qualified for HOPEX V1R1 and higher version.


It is not qualified MEGA 2009 SP5 but no issues have been identified with this version of MEGA (except of course the above warning)..

If issues are identifed, fixes can be provided in future corrective patches of MEGA 2009 SP5.



Re: MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8

Does this MEGA support for windows 8 include support for the Windows 8 RT version as well as the Windows 8 x86 version?

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Re: MEGA 2009 SP5 and Windows 8

I think that MEGA Desktop is not compatible with Windows RT (this version of Windows is based on ARM processor not an Intel ).


But we have done some tests on MEGA ANYWHERE (which is the web based version of MEGA) and this web app works fine on Windows 8 using the Internet Explorer (you can use one or other version of IE, the Desktop version or new UI interface).


So you should be able to use  MEGA ANYWHERE on Windows RT using Interente Explorer, if you deploy MEGA ANYWHERE.