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MEGA 2009 SP4 CP3 download

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MEGA 2009 SP4 CP3 download

I'm looking for the MEGA 2009 SP4 CP3 version (build 724-2848) download but I can't find it anywhere.

The oldest verion I can find is the 2009 SP4 CP15 found here: Master MEGA 2009 SP4 CP15 (Build 724-3388)


I know that this version is very old, but the reason for this is that we are trying to replicate the current Production environment in a separate machine, and that means installing the current version used in the Production (build 724-2848)


Where can I find that version for download?




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Re: MEGA 2009 SP4 CP3 download

Hello ASousa


This version (MEGA 2009 SP4 CP3 version (build 724-2848)) is indeed quite old an cannot be downloaded easily.


Please open a case with Technical support to get an installation master for this version.

You can use this form 


By the way, warn your customer that he should seriously consider an upgrade to a more recent version.

MEGA 2009 SP4 is already in limited maintenance phase. It will no longer be supported after December 2013