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Looking for help with matrix

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Looking for help with matrix

Hi all,


I have created a matrix and used a query to define the cells, however I would like to change the content of the cell from an X to a value I can define myself based on some characteristics. My question, is it possible to define the content when you use query's instead of the link?  If yes, how can I achieve this.





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Re: Looking for help with matrix



If the matrix is created in VBs, it should be possible by changing the function  hookCellContent.

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Re: Looking for help with matrix



no matrix is made standard mega (under documentation matrix, new added rows and columns and defined cell with a query), not with the analysis reports.


Re: Looking for help with matrix

Hi there,


you can always build a macro in an excel spreadsheet. 

Please find below a basic VB macro. It loops the Mega Profile and then for each MetaClass it would do something.

Just update the code to your needs


Hope that helps.


Sub Export_Profile_All()

Dim oProf, oMC As MegaObject
Dim cProf, cMC As MegaCollection
Dim nRow, nCol As Integer

' connect to Mega
Dim oMegaCurrentEnv As New MegaCurrentEnv
Dim omRoot As MegaRoot
Set omRoot = oMegaCurrentEnv.GetRoot

'get the active sheet

Set cProf = omRoot.GetCollection("Profile")
Set cMC = omRoot.GetCollection("MetaClass")

Cells(2, 2) = "Explanations about your matrix"

n = 1
nCol = 3
nRow = 3

    For Each oProf In cProf
        nRow = 3
        Cells(1, nCol) = oProf.GetProp("Name")

        For Each oMC In cMC
            Cells(nRow, 2) = oMC.GetProp("Name")
            Cells(nRow, 1) = oMC.GetProp("Absolute Identifier")
            Cells(nRow, nCol) = "Your Value"
            nRow = nRow + 1
        nCol = nCol + 4
        n = n + 1

MsgBox "Processing completed"
End Sub