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Locking Behaviour on Diagrams


Locking Behaviour on Diagrams

Hello MEGA Community,


The current behaviour of the MEGA editor when opening a diagram is that the diagram is locked by the opening user until it is dispatched / discarded.


This behaviour is very cumbersome for our users given that some users open diagrams with only the intent to view, and have no intention of modifying it, however others who may want to edit the diagram are then locked out. 


Is there a way to configure MEGA to default to opening diagrams without locking them (e.g. in a read-only mode), and having users explicitly open the diagram for editing when they need to (e.g. from the navigator tree, or an action on the diagram itself to "lock for editing").




Andrew Greff

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Re: Locking Behaviour on Diagrams

Hello Andrew


There is indeed a preventive lock of diagram.

This has been decided to prevent inconsistencie when editing diagrams

There is not configuration to change this behavior.


Ex: if no preventive lock mechanishm existed

User1 opens diagram1 in edit mode at 9:00 so far no change is saved, diagram is not locked

User2 opens diagram1 in edit at 9:05 as not lock exist

User1 edits diagram1, add object O1 

User2 edits diagram1, add object O2

User1 saves diagram1 and dispaches

User2 saves diagram1and dispaches

The result would be an inconsistent diagram drawing for diagram1 (drawing made by of User2 with object O1 on top left)


You request is rightful but it means an evolution

For example, be able to open a diagram in 2 modes

  • Consultation mode: no presentive lock created as no change is possible
  • Edit mode: preventive lock created

If you want to go further, please open a case and ask that an improvement request is created in the name of your customer account. This will be considered by product management for a future version.


Re: Locking Behaviour on Diagrams

Hi Jerome,


Thank you for your answer. I will indeed open a case for this feature.