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LiteralValue property page of Class object

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LiteralValue property page of Class object

Appreciate your advice for the following questions related to the LiteralValue property page of Class object:


1. This property page is implemented through "_PropertyPageLink".

How can I change the names of the following columns (metaattributes) in the GUI display?

- Local name

- ValueSlot

One of our clients would like to rename these 2 columns to suit their context. Is there a way that I can change the property page?


2. If the answer is "No" for the first question, is it advisable to change this propertypage to use "_PropertyPageExtension" instead?


Thank you!


Best regards,



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Re: LiteralValue property page of Class object

Hello Nina


You want to rename the titles of the columns in a MetaPropertyPage implemented thougth _PropertypageLink

This is not possible.


You need to developp another MetaPropertyPage implemented thougth _PropertyPageExtension


As you need to control the MetaAttributes displayed, use LegObject

For each MetaAttribute to rename:

  • use the tag Name(NameValue) to set the name of the column
  • use the tag Title(up) to display this name

Example of configuration:




Example of display: