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Link between overview of business processes

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Link between overview of business processes



We are currently struggling with presentation/views of our enterprise's main business processes in mega standard web-portal.

There are four main business processes in our enterprise, which is a hospital.

Each main business process consists of sub-business processes.

We've created five different "overview of business processes" diagrams.

One which shows all four, without their sub-business-processes.

And four others where each main process is "expanded" (showing the sub-processes) and the other three are "collapsed"


What we want to achieve is that when we click on a Business process in one "overview of business process"-diagram, and then jump to another "overview of business processes"-diagram (where that process' is "expanded" showing its sub-processes).

Especially we want this in our web portal but it would also be nice if this could be possible in Mega as well.


In short, we want to jump from one "overview of business processes" to another "overview of business processes"


Is this possible, without too much "hacking"?


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Re: Link between overview of business processes



This is possible with MEGA when you generate your website. Just create a website and add your overview of business process diagram to your this website ( from the Object tab), add the pages for both Business Process and Diagram concepts from the Pages tab of the website. Then you generate your website, automatically the links will be created between the diagrams and the objects.


Ps: when you add the overviews of business process diagram in the objects tab of your website, make sure the option" with propagation" is enabled.


By the way, you can get more information and hints from the MEGA Publisher.PDF document, i recommend you to read it, it will help you  Smiley Happy



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Re: Link between overview of business processes

The issue is that you have created 5 overview of business process diagrams. You should have created one overview with the 4 main processes on and than for each of these 4 processes add a diagram (right click on the process => new diagram => business process diagram). On these diagrams you add your process decomposition.


If you generate a website then, you can automatically navigate from the overview to the other diagrams by clicking on the process object. In MEGA you will be able to do the same by just double clicking the process objects.


with the setup you have (if I understand it correctly), the 5 overview diagrams are independent of each other and like that you will not be able to jump around the diagrams.