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Let another user edit macro scripts


Let another user edit macro scripts

In V2:

  • When I view the Tools menu, I see Script Editor as a possible selection.


  • When I right-click on a macro, I see Edit as a possible selection.

I set another user's Metamodel Access option to Expert (In Tools > Options, Repository folder, check that Metamodel Access option is set to "Expert".), and the user/person also has all licenses enabled.  However, he does not see Script Editor under the Tools menu, nor does he see Edit when right-clicking a macro.


How can I let him edit macro scripts?

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Re: Let another user edit macro scripts



As far as I know you need

  • Profile 'HOPEX Customizer'
  • License HOPEX Studio (code MTS2)
  • Access to metamodel set to 'Expert'


Check effective license after connection
See KB