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LDAP authentication: user "Invalid login name or password"

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LDAP authentication: user "Invalid login name or password"


Our MEGA insfrastructure is installed in the headquarters domain xxx\ but we have users from different subsidiaries that are supposed to access MEGA. Since subsidiaries' domains (yyy, zzz, etc.) are reachable from ours (forest), we configure in MEGA a global Ldap server to import Ldap users from all the domains and it has worked fine.


However when user from yyy domain tries to authenticate in MEGA, a message "Invalid login name or password" appears preventing user from logging.


we have also tried to configure each domain controller separately, that is, one ldap server for xxx domain and a second ldap server for yyy domain. Again, we can import ldap users just fine but authentication doesnt work.


Is there any extra configuration we are missing? Can mega handle several ldap servers configured at the same time? Any suggestion or checklist to troubleshoot the issue?



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Re: LDAP authentication: user "Invalid login name or password"

We have configured ldap(s)-authentication against 4 domains. Our setup is:


One AD forest with a forest root domain and 3 subdomains( america,emea,asia). The ldap server configured in MEGA HOPEX is a global catalog server residing in emea-domain. For users from other domains the authentication works based on ldap referrrals.


I have no experience with more than one AD forest but I am interested in a configuration options in multi-forest environments as well.