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KB 3637 & Hotfix 10.1

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KB 3637 & Hotfix 10.1



I 'm migrating from Mega 2005 to Mega 2009 SP4 CP10 and I have problem identify in Solution Number 00003637. I can't apply the CP12 while all bases not terminated for migration. I see on knowledge base that Hotfix exists for this CP. can you send me this?


Thanks for your answer.

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Re: KB 3637 & Hotfix 10.1

Hello SMargerit


Note that the lastest CP for MEGA 2009 SP4 is CP14.0.

If your target CP10, will will not have the fixes of the 4 following CP (CP11, CP12, CP13, CP14)!


The hotfix 10.1 for MEGA 2009 SP4 CP10. is attached this this KB