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Java API-Modifying Object properties

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Java API-Modifying Object properties

 Hello community,


I need help to access and modify objects properties with Java API.  My MEGA project contains Org-Unit. I need to access the property value of an Org-Unit and modify its Meta Attribute Property value.  Following my code:


            /*Get the project identifier*/
            String strProjectField = mgRoot.getCollection("~qekPESs3iG30[Project]").get("P").megaField();
            /*Get collection of Org-Unit objects in the project*/
            MegaCollection mgcolOperations = mgRoot.getCollection("~qekPESs3iG30[Project]").get(strProjectField).getCollection("Org-unit");
             /*Get object identifier*/
             String object1Field = mgcolOperations.get(1).megaField();
             /*Get collection of Property Value in the object*/
              MegaCollection mgcolOperations2 = mgcolOperations.get(object1Field).getCollection("~9ce3X4H4AHM0[Property Value]");
             /*Get Property Value*/
             MegaObject objVal = mgcolOperations2.get(1);
             /*Get attribute property value*/
             MegaAttribute att1 = objVal.getAttribute("Property Value");
             /*Modify property value*/


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Java API-Modifying Object properties

Our API codes use


MegaObject.setProp(propertyName, value)



to set / get a specific MetaAttribute of a MegaObject.