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Issue when duplicating Scenario of Application System Flows

Occasional Contributor

Issue when duplicating Scenario of Application System Flows


I'm using "Scenario of Application System Flows" for modeling AS IS (HLA) Application Architecture and coresponding diagram. Now I would like to start working on TO BE (HLA) model/diagram but there is a problem. When I duplicate the AS IS Scenario and when I open the duplicated "Scenario of flows diagram" no content is shown on flows between applications. I'm attaching the example what is wrong (leftside picture is from ASIS diagram, righside picture from duplicated diagram for the same flow).

The most strange is when I click on duplicated "Application Flow Channel" I can still see all the content that is mapped to the duplicated flow (Right Click on Application Flow Channel\Properties\Characteristic\Grouped Flow) , but the diagram don't show the content. I have the same settings for both diagrams (AS IS and duplicated). All "Views and Details" settings are the same on both diagrams.


Even if I open the "Flow Editor" for duplicated scenario I can see all contets for all flows, but the diagram don't show it.


Please advice.