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Issue on Time Machine, HOPEX V2 CP4


Issue on Time Machine, HOPEX V2 CP4



I have a problem with the time machine by web front-end

When I set from web, previous dates I can see the objects' date "update" 

when I try to export an excel report I always see the current date prints in the file and not the date that I set

The objects are correctly updated 


In our java code we've written:


private String getDataTM() throws ParseException {
String sReturnDate = "";
DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");
Date dDataSnapshop = this.oRoot.currentEnvironment().getCurrentSnapshotDate();
sReturnDate = formatter.format(dDataSnapshop);
return sReturnDate;


but it doesn't work

Could you help us?


Kind regards