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Integration with quality center

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Integration with quality center

Often quality center is used to create test cases. These test cases can be attached to requirement objects in quality center. I know there is a module to bridge requirements from DOORS IBM with MEGA, but I was wondering if there is something similar for HP Quality Center? If not, has anyone bridged the two before ?





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Re: Integration with quality center

Hello Stijn


I can confirme there is not standard interface to/from HP Quality Center.


I am not aware of a custom integration project. 

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Re: Integration with quality center

Hello Stijn,


For a bank we have made a link between HP Quality Center and MEGA.

There was a simple in/out mapping between the requirements tree in QC and a tree made of City Planning areas (3 levels) and features/functionalities for final branches. The constraints linked with functionalities were extracted too. It was basic not a direct link because there is a lack of knowledge of integrators to develop in QC. A lot of QC's integrators are using a MS Excel feeder that then can be generated/integrated  by MEGA with APIs ...


It's true that, in the future SaaS approach it would be nice to have a connector between MEGA and QC to feed Services Centers and fit the physical and applicative/functional knowlege of the IS.




Lionel Mazurié

Re: Integration with quality center

Hello !


A new test  platform  will be  install  in our company and we are interested tu use the product HPQC.

How about  connectors between MEGA and QC  ?  The post  was write in 2012, perhaps there is news about this topic.


Who can I  answer about that  in MEGA  Team ?

Thanks for the response,



Sandrine Gonthey


Re: Integration with quality center

Hello sgonthey


The situation did not change.

There is still no standard interface between MEGA/HOPEX and Quality Center