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Inquiry regarding Internal Query

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Inquiry regarding Internal Query

I have the following data:


Application              Owner

Application1-ABC    Owner1

Application2-ABC    Owner2

Application3-DEF    Owner3



I get the Applications using getCollection and I also need to retrieve the application owners. There is a registed query I can use to get this information which is "APM - Get Application owner". This query is an Internal query and accepts a Name as a paramenter.


set myCollection = GetRoot.getCollection("Application")
for each itemCollection in myCollection
print itemCollection.Name
set appColl = itemCollection.getCollection("APM - Get Application owner")
if appColl.Count > 0 then
  for each appItem in appColl
      print appItem.getProp("Email")
end if

I am getting an error while executing the highlighted part of the code, using either getCollection or getSelection. How do I use the Internal query in the script window? How do I pass the required parameter for this query to work?


Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: Inquiry regarding Internal Query

Dear aalarc,


One solution could be to make this kind of "GetSelection" on the metaClasse used to modelise your application owner using the dual metaAssociation (opposite metaAssociationEnd) of  "APM - Get Application owner" and in parameter you use your itemCollection.GetProp on the Short Name.

Here is a rough code in a total another context.


aMegaDiags = oMegaRoot.GetSelection("Select [Diagram] where [Described-application].[_HexaIdAbs]=""" & flow_source_hexaidabs & """")


aMegaSources = oMegaRoot.GetSelection("Select [Org-Unit] where [DGC - Org-Unit type]=""" + flow_type_target_abreg + """ and [Short Name]=""" + flow_target_application + """")


Sorry for not contextualizing it for your APM model.

I hope it will be helpfull for you.


Lionel Mazurié

Re: Inquiry regarding Internal Query