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Importing data from ARCHI tool

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Importing data from ARCHI tool



I've got the same questions from two different prospects. They are both currently using the free tool ARCHI - 


They want to know whether the contents already generated in ARCHI could be importend into MEGA ArchiMate 2.0 on HOPEX. 


Page 85 of ARCHI User Guide claims that: 

Export Model To CSV
You can export a model's data to CSV format (Comma Separated Values). The data is exported in three different files - "elements.csv", "relations.csv" and "properties.csv". All data elements are identified by unique identifiers so that a property will reference an element or relation in the other files. 


Any experience using ARCHI? 




Mario Florian 

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Re: Importing data from ARCHI tool

Hello mario-florian


There is not standard import feature for the modeling tool 'Archi' (

Technical support has not experience/customer feedback either.


If this tools is able to export .CSV files, you can consider to transform .CSV files to .XLS/.XLSX files and import some data using the Excel import wizard. This requires manual work.

This could handle list of objects with their properties and links between objets (to be verified)

This cannot handle diagrams drawing (definition is too complex to be tranferred using .CSV files)