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Import and Export using Excel


Import and Export using Excel

We manually created an application using the HOPEX V2 Windows app and populated many fields, such as Begin Life Date. We exported the application to an Excel file that we will later use as a template for importing.  We deleted the application and imported it.  The import wizard said it was OK, but the application did not get added, and some of the greyed-out columns had this error:  A Virtual MetaAttribute cann't be modified


I see the following in the Common Feature doc:
Non-Modifiable Data” section

For export, MetaAttributes that cannot be modified by the user appear in a grayed

column in the Excel page.

It is possible to export properties that cannot be modified, such as calculated

attributes (for example "Name" MetaAttributes that contain the object owner), but

it is not possible to import these.


Any advice will be appreciated


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Re: Import and Export using Excel

Instead of Current State, Begin Life Date, and End Life Date, I created a new file containing Time Period, Absolute Start Date, and Absolute End Date.  I changed the dates and imported that file (see attached).  MEGA gave an error on three of the dates and for two dates that did not error, it switched the month and day!  I think I need to create a Support case?


Re: Import and Export using Excel

Did you try specifying the dates in the ISO format (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)?

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Re: Import and Export using Excel

Yes, we tried that.  We tried Text and Custom.  We tried many different formats.  The only thing that works is French format (d/m/yyyy).