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Import MOL-file via API

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Import MOL-file via API

Is it possible to IMPORT a MOL-file by using Mega Api ?


I think this must be possible, but when I execute my script in a mega transaction ==> reject err !!

When I open a repository in a transaction (via API), I can not tell it must be in Adminiatration Mode ! So I think this is the reason why the import of the Mol-file has a reject error.


How can I IMPORT a MOL-file via API. Are there different possibilities ?



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Re: Import MOL-file via API

Hi martine,


it's been a while since I was at your site, but if I'm not mistaken I think that the program we wrote for environment creation had a possibility to import extra files (mol files). If that is indeed the case, you can have a look inside the dotnet program.


kind regards




Re: Import MOL-file via API

Hello Martine


.mol files cannot be imported in transaction mode.

This is true for interactive mode and batch mode (API script).

However you can import it when connected in administration session


Warning displayed when trying to import a .mol file in a transaction (interactive mode):