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Import/Export not deleting objects

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Import/Export not deleting objects


I have been cleaning up some BPMN diagrams and deleting objects via mouse right click - delete; when I import these to the client's repository, it brings over the deleted objects and messes up all the formatting I have done.... What am I doing wrong? Is there a difference in the 'delete' function of the keyboard and mouse? 

Is there an easy way to import the models that I had cleaned the up, without having to re-do all that work? 


Greatly appreciated



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Re: Import/Export not deleting objects

Hello Baz


Note that, according to the diagram type, the behavior of the del. key can be different: either cut or repository deletion


In any case, you know if a repository delete action has been triggered by cause the deletion wizard is displayed.


In general if you do such cleanup work, it is highly recommended to work in the same MEGA environment.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to garantee the consistency of diagram drawings

Indeed, if you change a diagram drawing, you need to be sure that nobody else is performing a concurrent change on this drawing.



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Re: Import/Export not deleting objects

Thanks, Jerome 


The wizard was appearing every time but when the import was loaded, the objects reappeared on the diagrams.