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Implementing a MetaAssociationEnd via macro

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Implementing a MetaAssociationEnd via macro

Hi Community,

Is it possible to write a macro that will automatically populate a MetaAssociationEnd?


For example: an application has different components. Each component is mapped to 1 or more software technologies. Can we implement a macro on the Used Technology link so that the "Used Technology" associationend for the parent application automatically gets populated with the aggregation of the software technologies used by its components?




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Re: Implementing a MetaAssociationEnd via macro


I can not remember if we have something like MetaAttributeUpdateTool on the level of MetaAssociations, I don't think so but I'm sure you can achieve what you are looking for by playing around with the MetaAttributeUpdateTool.


What we once did is create an attribute which got populated with any change in the modification date, than we attached a MetaAttributeUpdateTool to that field to perform changes on the object based on a change in that date field. Our use case was that we had to check certain fields on the object each time it got changed, attaching an MetaAttributeUpdateTool to the modification date would mean it triggers all the time even for other metaclasses than the one in our scope since it's a generic attribute.