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If attribute1 = x then attribute2 = y

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If attribute1 = x then attribute2 = y

Dear community,


Is it possible to trigger an automatic attribute value change when another attribute value is changed ?


My concern is not calculated attributes because still, the user should be able to enter the final attribute value on his own.


It's much more about an automatic proposition : If attribute1 = x then (by default) attribute2 = y


Thx !

L. Maquet
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Re: If attribute1 = x then attribute2 = y



I do not identify a mechanism to manage this


However if both steps (compute default value automatically and overload default value by end user) are executed at creation, you can try to developp a MetaWizard for this (to be tested)

- compute default value automatically and set a property

- display this property to the end user so that he can overload it



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Re: If attribute1 = x then attribute2 = y

maybe you can create two attributes


Y final and Y proposition. Y Proposition is a calculated attribute and final is there for the user to fill in.


If you want to take it a step further you can create 3 attributess


Y user input, Y proposition and Y final where Y final is also a calculated attribute taking the value of user input unless it's empty it takes the value of proposition. Your Y final you can use than in reporting, document generation, query's etc.





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Re: If attribute1 = x then attribute2 = y

Thanks Jerome !

L. Maquet