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Icon size on Shape file


Icon size on Shape file



we have created a shape file to show shofware technologies connected to a server



We are able to get the images to show but they seem to be really small. 



Is there anyway to increase the icon size?

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Frequent Contributor

Re: Icon size on Shape file

Hello FM,


Yes, in this guide

MEGA is presenting the coding part of a shape where you can pilot the size of an element computed from the size of another one with conditions inside.

I hope it will be helpfull for you.





Lionel Mazurié

Re: Icon size on Shape file

I did look over that pdf which is how I was able to make the current shape.  If the image was on the shape then I could calculate the size. The problem is the field &Tech& display's the ico of the software technology that is connected to the server.  I can change the font size of the field but i can not change the size of the icon.  I don't see this kind of functinality documented anywhere.  I also tried to looks for somthing i could reverse enginner and could not find it.