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ITPM Application State Machine "Deployment Lifecycle"


ITPM Application State Machine "Deployment Lifecycle"

Trying to determine the ERQL to identify the 5 states in the deployment Lifecycle model (Prototype, Maintained, sunsetting, Decomissioning, Retire). Cannot find any reference to this in the manuals or knowledge articles. This is in HopexCloud so no access to PowerStudio or macros. Using the Default Artifact Lifecycle the values used were 

/* [current state] ="dbVhqTTT91B2" - Retirement */
/* [current state] ="3dVhbTTT9j12" - Production */
/* [current state]= "UWdnwdirIftU" - Retired */
/* [current state]= "0ZdnddirIDpT" - Scheduled */

just need to know what they are in the Deployment LifeCycle, or preferably how to find out where to find them.

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Re: ITPM Application State Machine "Deployment Lifecycle"

By exporting State machine to state (UML) I found them as below


Deployment Lifecycle                nncpfTTwF5dJ         1. Prototype
Deployment Lifecycle                NpcphXTwFHjJ        2. Maintained
Deployment Lifecycle                Bncp4YTwFvoJ        3. Sunseting
Deployment Lifecycle                QpcpvYTwFXuJ        4. Decommissioned
Deployment Lifecycle                yncpgZTwFb)J          5. Retired
Default Artifact Lifecycle          OaVhHTTT9Lu1         Preparation
Default Artifact Lifecycle          3dVhbTTT9j12           Production

Default Artifact Lifecycle          dbVhqTTT91B2         Retirement

                                                      UWdnwdirIftU             Retired

                                                      0ZdnddirIDpT             Scheduled