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How to embed a diagram in a tile ?

New Contributor

How to embed a diagram in a tile ?

Hi !


I would like to embed a Diagram in a Tile. Do someone know how to do that on HOPEX V2R1 U1 ?


Thanks !



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Re: How to embed a diagram in a tile ?

Hi Bolivieri,


You can add diagram tile to the homepage. (See below)

Here is the documentation for adding tiles.


Adding an object to your home page  
All the business objects in the repository can be added to your home page. Other objects such as diagrams or reports can also be added to the home page.
To add an object to your home page:
*In a diagram or in a tree, right-click the object and select Add to Home Page.
*In a list, you can also select the object, and roll the mouse over its Local Name and click Add to Homepage .
This command creates a shortcut to the properties of the object or a diagram of the object depending on the size of the tile.
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