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Hopex compability with Oracle


Hopex compability with Oracle


our customer has performing an assessment about the DB Oracles technologies.


What they want, is to understand if Hopex is compatible with:

  • Oracle (Oracle 12c)
  • Oracle (Oracle 12 – R2)
  • Oracle (Oracle 18c – R2)
  • Oracle (Oracle 19c – R2)

I had a look on RDBMS Documentation without any clarification.

Is there any official document on this?

Is it possible to use any Oracle version starting from Oracle


Thanks in advance


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Re: Hopex compability with Oracle

We're running HOPEX V2R1 Update 3 against Oracle in our production environment -- we'd also like verification going forward of supported Oracle versions as our DBA team will be upgrading environments this year.


Re: Hopex compability with Oracle

Hello All,


HOPEX Oracle 12C (Release 1 and 2) are compatible with HOPEX V2R1. See the attached screenshot from our online documentation.

However I wanted to take this time to let you know that Oracle is now deprecated for HOPEX, meaning there will no longer be any fixes released to support it. So if you have not already setup HOPEX yet then we recommend you focus your efforts on SQL Server instead as that will continue to be supported.

In the meantime existing Oracles Instances for HOPEX can continue to be used.

If you have any questions regarding moving off of Oracle and over to SQL we would recommend you reach out to your Account Manager to discuss this.




David Ingalls

MEGA Technical Support