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Hopex Web access not working via Proxy / Load Balancer after upgrading to V1R3cp14

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Hopex Web access not working via Proxy / Load Balancer after upgrading to V1R3cp14


I'm haven't been able to resolve this issue for quite some time.

We have two envirements for MEGA Hopex, DEV and PROD. Web access via our Reverse Proxy / Load Balancer was working in both environments when we were running V1R2cp05.

Both environments were accessed by: End User HTTP://(Proxy) > Reverse Proxy Load Balancer (Apache 2.2) HTTPS > Mega Application Server IIS.

We upgraded DEV to V1R3cp14 and Web access via the Proxy stopped working. The login page loads, and after logging in and selecting the Environment / Repository, Mega's home page won't load and I get a Session has Expired error.


I.E Developer tools indicate Error 500 on this page and lines:


"method": "POST"

"https:// (Proxy)/hopex/winweb.aspx?data=generationType-standard%7Cgenerator-C5D3C6694DDF557F"...

PostData: {

                    "mimeType": "application/json",

                    "params": [],
                    "text": "{\"OptionsGet\":[{\"Section\":\"HOPEX\",\"Option\":\"ErrorManagement\"}]}"


"response": {
                    "status": 500,
                    "statusText": "Internal Server Error",


"content": {
                        "size": 76,
                        "compression": -388,
                        "mimeType": "application/json",
                        "text": "{ \"errCode\": \"ErrNoMoreSession:text/html\", \"message\": \"Session not found.\" }"


 If we use URL with local host on the App server or URL: HTTP://(host name or IP address), from a client, thus bypassing the Proxy, Mega opens and works fine in the browser, no error.


I then upgraded PROD to V1R3cp14, and we encountered the same issue, the proxy URL has the exact same error.

I then upgraded DEV to V2, and still the same error.

My understanding Apache can be case sensitive and I'm wodering if in the newer versions something was changed in the software for V1R3 that is causing an issue with the proxy. Or, I'm wondering if there is something in IIS that isn't configured correclty, maybe it isn't part of the normal install instructions that would resolve this. BTW, I'm just learning .NET and don't have a lot of experience in this area.

Any sugestions for this particular issue?