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Hopex Office 2016 Compatability


Hopex Office 2016 Compatability

Is Office 2016 compatible with Hopex V1R3?


we currently output Word documents and Excel data extracts.

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Re: Hopex Office 2016 Compatability



Yes, you can output data to Office 2016 (32 bit) in both V1R3 and V2. However you cannot design new Word Templates with Office 2016, here you would stilll need Office 2010.


Re: Hopex Office 2016 Compatability


It is important to make several clarifications
1) Edition of Report Template (MS word) and RTF descriptor is distinct from generation of report (MS word) runtime
In all HOPEX versions so far (including HOPEX V2R1), MS Word 32-bit is required for edition.
MS Word 2016 32-bit is qualified and supported starting from HOPEX V2R1.
2) There are 2 generation modes:
- RTF/DOCX generation mode: generation is independant from MS Word. MS Word can of course be used as a RTF/DOCX reader. This mode can be used with both Windows/Web Front-end.
- DOC generation mode: generation relies on MS Word. This legacy mode can be used with Windows Front-end only.

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Re: Hopex Office 2016 Compatability

Are there any known issues with Excel import? In particular, I am running into date format issue, and would like to determine whether recent Office upgrades changed ability to import (or conversely whether we need to make a change to our meta model.