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Hopex Installation and Deployment Documentation

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Hopex Installation and Deployment Documentation


I recently installed Hopex V2R1 in a customer and after I started the environment creation, had to abort it due some server memory constraints. After I upgraded the memory of the server, I tried again to create the environment, using the same name of environment as before. That led to some erratic behavior of Hopex. And after some help of the support, I was told that, if the environment creation is aborted, the best practice is to drop the databases related to the environment and then recreate the environment. 

I tried to search the documentation for this information, but couldn´t find anywhere. Considering that this task is that critital for Hopex, I think that, at least, a warning should be put in the Environment Creation part of Installation and Deployment or Administration documentation. 


I think this could save lots of time for newbies in the Hopex Installation.


Best Regards.