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History Change Date


History Change Date

For any given [Organizational Process] is there a way of displaying the "Delivery Date>" for the most receint "Action"  performed lisited in the  [Organizational Process] history and then display this date on a generated website.


The midified date only covers the process not links this this date that im after coveres for all changes including links.

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Re: History Change Date



if the only thing you're interested in is the last modification date (including links), you should consider creating a calculated MetaAttribute ("Virtual") : in the macro linked to the metaAttribute, search for the last created "ChangeItemDataPublic" linked to your Organizational Process.


Example of macro :

Sub GetAttributeValue(Object, AttributeID, Value)
  Dim myDate, oCIDP
  myDate = ""
  For each oCIDP in Object.getCollection("~Z1000000CS50[ChangeItemDataPublic Log]")
    If myDate = "" Then
      myDate = oCIDP.getProp("~610000000P00[Date de modification]")
      If oCIDP.getProp("~610000000P00[Date de modification]") > myDate Then
        myDate = oCIDP.getProp("~610000000P00[Date de modification]")
      End If
    End If
  If myDate = "" Then
    myDate = Object.getProp("~610000000P00[Date de modification]")
  End If
  Value = myDate
End Sub


Be aware that if you delete history when reorganizing your repository, your new metaAttribute will then have the same value as the standard "Modification date" metaAttribute.


You can use this new metaAttribute wherever you want, even in generated websites :-)