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HTML Descriptors : Tag [If]

New Contributor

HTML Descriptors : Tag [If]



I want to use [IF] tag in my HTML descriptor.


Example in the documentation :

[If="value=Value1"]Text 1[/If]
[If="Value=Value2"]Text 2[/If]
[/P] "
I try to do the same structure for my descriptor :
[If="Value=AAA"] Hello  [/If]
I want to print "Hello" when the html descriptor descriptes "AAA".
But this is always  "False" : "hello" is never print... whereas the variable value is "AAA" I don't understand why.
Can you help me?
Many thanks!
New Contributor

Re: HTML Descriptors : Tag [If]

Second try :



[Buffer=B1 Set] [Variable=RootObjectName/] [/Buffer]
[Buffer="B2" Set="AAA"/]

[Buffer=B1 Get/]
[Buffer=B2 Get/]  => I can see B1 and B2 are the same

[If="buffer(B1)=buffer(B2)"] Hello2  [/If]



It doesn't work too...