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[HOPEX V2] Generate identifiers for JAVA API

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[HOPEX V2] Generate identifiers for JAVA API

Hi all,


I'm migrating from MEGA to HOPEX V2 and i have a programe communicating through JAVA API.


I got the new JARs files and now, it seems to need a new version of IDENTIFIERS.


The command into the program isn't present anymore, even i found it in the documentation here :


See the page #47.


Any way to do that and get my program working please ?


Thanks by advance.

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Re: [HOPEX V2] Generate identifiers for JAVA API

I finally found the solution ...


With Hopex Administration, i needed to enable the EXPERT level of metamodel access for the repository ...


After, the sub-item is visible and i can export the JAVA Vocabulary !


I hope it will help someone, subject is closed !