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Generated site with map click

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Generated site with map click



we are facing an amazing bug:

Context: V1R2 CP16 installed with no RDB on local PCs


When one of my developper generate a web site, maps of diagrams are shifted : we need to click out of the object to get the object page !

I copied his environment on my own PC, and referenced it with no other modification. I generated the site ... no shift.


We compared the files list from directories Mega_Std abd Mega_Usr of the installation: no gap.


I have no more ideas.

Could someone help ?




LE SAUX Yves-Marie
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Re: Generated site with map click

Hi Yves,


This might provide a little help.

However, a work arounf could be seen in the attached screenshot (I am not sure if this is recommended or not) - change image formate to "SVG".




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Re: Generated site with map click

Thanks a lot Asim.


You opened the way to the solution:

By comparing the Windows Display configuration between PCs (one with map shifting and the other one with no shift (correct)), the solution was:

In display properties of screens, we can set the global zoom at "Small - 100%", which was the case on my PC (correct results) or "Middle - 125% (default)" which was configured on other PCs.


Once all PCs are configured with "Small" options, the web site generation is correct for all ...


Thanks again



LE SAUX Yves-Marie