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Export Profiles Filters & Access


Export Profiles Filters & Access

Hi there,


I would like to export the Mega profiles settings into an excel spreadsheet.

So far, I have been able to export the Metamodel Filters but I am still struggling with the Metamodel Access.


To get the Metamodel Filter, I use the isAvailable VB function. What should I use for the Creation, Modification and Deletion rights? I tried with no success isModifiable.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my vb code

Set cMC = omRoot.GetCollection("MetaClass")

nRow = 3
'Cells(2, 3) = oProf.GetProp("Short Name")

    For Each oMC In cMC
        ' get the MetaClass filters

                Cells(nRow, 2) = oMC.GetProp("Name")
                Cells(nRow, 1) = oMC.GetProp("Absolute Identifier")
                If oMC.isAvailable = True Then
                    Cells(nRow, 3) = "X"
                End If
                nRow = nRow + 1



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Re: Export Profiles Filters & Access

Hello François,


the information you need is not stored as an attribute of the metaClass "Metaclass", but in the megaenv.ini file (3 sections are concerned :

"[MetaclassFilter-Creation]", "[MetaclassFilter-Modification]" and "[MetaclassFilter-Deletion]").


The same sections exist in the "Profile manager" text attribute of each profiles ("gestionnaire de profil" in french)


--> your code must therefore analyse those texts (megaenv.ini and eventually "Profile manager" metaAttribute of your profiles) to fill you excel sheet.