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Excel import to mega


Excel import to mega

Hi, when i export objects using excel in mega i get something like this:


And if i edit those short names and imported back to mega they both update in mega.


My question is: How can i add more objects using this excel file?

Because i know the random values from the A colum are some kind of id for the short name colum. How can i add a new id? because i get an error when i try to write random new values on row 5 and imported to mega.




Gonzalo Gtz 

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Re: Excel import to mega

Hello Gonzalo


The A column contains the identifiers of the objects

It enable to refer to existing objects

If you need to create new objects, do not set a value.


Read carefully the online documentation

Common Features : Using the Repository : Exchanging Data with Excel


Remember that you cannot set a value at import for a column that matches a computed MetaAttribute (such as Name)




Re: Excel import to mega

Hi Gonzalo,

Have a look at the attached excel template for technology. It consists of some example data.

All you need to do is fill in the data. Keep the Absolute Identifiers column blank and import the excel.  If the import doesnt work out you will receive an error in the excel as well as in the wizard window.

Hope this info helps.


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Re: Excel import to mega

Thanks alot nik! you helped me alot!


Re: Excel import to mega

Thanks alot Jerome!


i will read the documentation.


Thanks again!