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Excel export: attribute w. dropdown

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Excel export: attribute w. dropdown



When using Enumeration on a MetaAttribute, is there a limit on how many MetaAttributeValues that can be associated to a MetaAttribute when exporting to Excel?

E.g. I have a MetaAttribute with 44 MetaAttributeValues, whenever I want to export this particular MetaAttribute to Excel, Mega stops responding. I'm using Hopex V1R2 CP5.


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Re: Excel export: attribute w. dropdown

Hello Lars


It is possible that there is a limit in the code of Excel export wizard.

Please open a case in technical support so that we get further (identify possible limit, decide to push it further...)

You can use this form

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Re: Excel export: attribute w. dropdown

The solution to this is that internal value most not exceed the value set in the MetaAttribute Length field.

Example. If the MetaAttribute Length is set to 5, the internal value must not be longer than 5.