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Enterprise Architectture

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Enterprise Architectture

Good day,


Recently I 've been woorking with a client about their Business Architecture, specifically the objects(metaclass) Project or ProjectEA and their relation with risk, process, action plans etc.

Maybe someone know wich one of the two metaclasses is  active? deprecated? PPM Project Portafolio Mgnt is active? will be in the future?

wich of both could be better in terms of projects risk management? and action plans monitoring?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Enterprise Architectture



- The legacy 'Project' concept (available in most HOPEX products' has been renamed into 'EA Project' ; its intended use case is to adressed project involving modeling within HOPEX (so Enterprise Architecture projects), for instance an IT specification project; it is typicalled used within the HOPEX Application Design product, though it remains available in other solutions (e.g. HOPEX Business Process Analysis)

- Action Plans are available in several products to define and follow-up on action plans (e.g in HOPEX Integrated Risk Management, HOPEX Business Process Analysis)


-  'Enterprise Project' (abridged as 'Project') has been introduced with the 'Product Portfolio Management' feature in HOPEX V2R1, to manage Enterprise Project Portfolio (and not only 'IT projects'); It is typically available in the 'transformation' oriented solutions like HOPEX IT Portfolio Management or HOPEX Business Architecture appropriate editions.


This PPM feature comes with a dedicated metamodel with specific links towards Capabilities or Delivered Solutions, with a specific metamodel for Project Risks, Milestones, etc.


The documentation is available there :